Brain Science.

I’ve been seeing a neurologist for over a year now. You would think at this point, knowing this, people would stop asking me if I’m “drinking enough water.” (“That can cause headaches, you know.” Thanks. I know. And for the record, water is pretty much the only thing I drink.) But I know they are concerned and just trying to help.

I’m in week 3 of Biofeedback Therapy, my next adventure in migraine management. I was sent to Baylor Pain Management Center to meet with a biofeedback therapist who gave me quite an education on the brain and how pain works.

Chronic pain happens when the brain forgets to turn off the “pain alert” system. It can also occur when the body is still in recovery from the pain. The brain eventually learns to expect pain to be there, and sort of gears up for it even if it’s not going happen. You can train your body to stop chronic pain through learning to control your parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts your sympathetic nervous system, or stress response (“fight or flight”). You are taught to slow down your breathing, heart beat, muscles and organs. You do this through breath control, mindfulness practice, and other relaxation training.

A more skeptical person might think this sounds kinda hokey. Glorified relaxation training. But, there are a lot of institutions that are paying more attention to the mind-body connection (thankfully) because of recent studies. I’ve always been a believer in a more holistic approach, so I am optimistic about this treatment. When paired with prescription medication, it is proven to decrease severity and frequency of migraines by 70%. I’ll take it.

During my appointment, I get hooked up to a computer that measures my breathing, skin moisture, shakiness, and skin temperature. I watch the levels of each of these on a screen, and during training I can see my body reacting in real time (try to “breathe naturally” while watching it happen on a screen!). I get a relaxation lesson and some reading material, and then I have to practice the relaxation techniques twice a day for 20-30 minutes. Generally I will meditate in the morning, then in the evening I will listen to one of the guided relaxation CDs that my therapist gives me. Occasionally I fall asleep during the session, but she assures me that I’m still getting something out of it.

It takes about 3 months of practice to affect a change in pain. So, here we go. If nothing else, I had a few good naps.


Headache Journal, July

It’s been a rough month. Whatever preventative I was taking for the past 3 months was making me very irritable and moody, so a little over a week ago my doctor put me onto a different daily preventative. The side effects of this one are incredible. I feel like my brain has been hijacked for a confused, forgetful, unfocused, nervous and highly emotional one. It’s actually quite scary. I do not feel like I can continue to take this medicine, even though its success rate is very high with many patients. At what cost? I do not feel like myself. And so, Round 3.
Headache Journal for July.


Intensity (1-10): 5  Treatment: Aleve


Intensity: 7  Treatment: Aleve & Maxalt


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Aleve


Intensity: 6  Treatment: Aleve & Maxalt, then Maxalt


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Nothing


Intensity: 6  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 2  Treatment: Nothing


Intensity: 6  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt & Aleve


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Aleve & Maxalt


Intensity: 6 Treatment: Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Aleve


Intensity: 7 Treatment: Maxalt & Aleve, Maxalt


Intensity: 8 Treatment: Aleve, Aleve


Intensity: 7 Treatment: Aleve & Maxalt


Intensity: 5 Treatment: Acupuncture, Aleve

Headache Total: 15

Headache Journal, June.


Intensity (1-10): 5  Treatment: Aleve, then Aleve + Maxalt


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Aleve


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Aleve


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt


Intensity: 7  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 6  Treatment: Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 6  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt


Intensity: 6 Treatment: Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Aleve, then Maxalt


Intensity: 4 Treatment: Aleve, then more Aleve


Intensity: 4 Treatment: Maxalt


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Maxalt + Aleve


Intensity: 4  Treatment: Aleve


Intensity: 5  Treatment: Aleve

Headache Total: 17

Things to note: Lots of stress at work this month. Also took our road trip this month, which was fun but has its own stresses too.