Nothing, Nowhere.

1. Visit Marfa, Texas. Dammit.

In case you missed the outpouring of hipstery instagram shots, we finally visited Marfa, Texas. I’d been wanting to visit Marfa ever since I moved to Texas, and we finally did it! We planned the trip months ago, and it just so happened to land directly in the middle of an unfortunate family event that I would rather not discuss here. All you need to know is that being out in the middle of nowhere, where phone signals fade and the sky is so, so big, is exactly where I needed to be.

Marfa is so weird. So, so weird. This teeny little town with hipsters and hippies running around everywhere, and little design boutiques and art galleries and food trucks. And El Cosmico, where we stayed. We used the trip as an excuse to draw and write; as such we didn’t venture out too much but we managed to see the Prada installation and McDonald Observatory. (McDonald Observatory is on top of a mountain and has the 5th largest telescope in the world, so you can imagine the stargazing that happens there.) It was so quiet and lovely.

We’ll be returning, I’m pretty certain.

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If you happen to be in the Austin area either the weekend of the 16th or the 23rd, check out the EAST Austin Studio Tour. A friend of mine has an art collective called Capture the Flag Creative featuring several artists and designers, and little old me. I prepared some illustrations for the event, and it’s significant to me because I have not produced anything outside of the demands of The Man in quite some time. I’m honored to be included.

I hope I can keep up the momentum. I’ve been feeling very stale. Very, very, very stale. But you have to start somewhere. Expect to see more from me soon.


16. Visit a new place in Texas.

Last weekend-ish we visited the Renaissance Festival, Scarborough Fair, in Waxahachie. I don’t know much about Waxahachie, but I suspect the only reason one might want to visit Waxahachie is for the Renaissance Festival. This weekend was two firsts for me: First time in Waxahachie, and first time at a Renaissance Festival. I was surprised at how large the grounds were, and happy about the relatively low cost of the day. (As David kept assuring me, “It will be a lot cheaper than going to Six Flags.” He was right.)

30. Take a class.

I’m slowly working on creating more outside of my day job, while trying to sketch more AT my day job. I don’t know how it happened, but I got out of the habit of making things, drawing things, painting things. It used to be as natural and regular as breathing. Now, I have to make myself do it, schedule the time, and I have developed this fear of the blank page. But I’m slowly working my way out of it. The only way to do that is to practice. And try new things. Hence, the leatherworking class. Somehow I got into my head that this would be a fun thing to try and magically this class appeared. I suspected that I would enjoy it, but I really enjoyed it. When I think about the type of work I have done in the past, my most successful projects are always very detailed, and very meticulous. It feels meditative; I do not think, just do. I also get a lot of satisfaction out of making things look real (in drawing, painting, or in Photoshop.) The detailed, repetitive nature of the leather tooling was oddly relaxing, in spite of the sound of multiple hammers hitting a table. I am amused that I have picked up an appreciation for this decidedly Texan craft. I’m ready to buy some more tools. Now taking orders for belts and dog collars.