Unfinished Business.

It’s time again to reflect on how bad I am at finishing things. Before I looked at this list, I was certain I had finished most of it. Apparently I forgot what I put on this list, because I’ve been running around doing a bunch of things that are not these things. (I completed 11 out of 31, which is about a 35% success rate, in case you are wondering.)

1. Shoot a gun. I am not at a loss for people offering to take me out to shoot a gun. In Texas. Surprise surprise. I’m kind of scared! That’s why I put it on the list, but I think I procrastinated on this one.

2. Master an incredible apple pie recipe. I did look up a lot of pie RECIPES on Pinterest. (Damn you, Pinterest!)

3. Finish and go live with my website. Nope.

4. Meditate, meditate, meditate. I very proudly increased my frequency of meditation this year. To just about every day.

5. Create an illustration for a local event/publication/something. I’ve been illustrating David’s short stories. He’s probably tired of me dragging my feet on these each month, but I feel so out of practice. Some of these turned out better than others. Despite my insecurities, I think for these purposes, I’m going to count the Short Story of the Month illustrations a win.

6. Get a Coroflot page up. Nope.

7. Ride a horse. I TOTALLY did this! If you are looking for an adventure in the country, I highly recommend Sleepy Sheep Ranch. We rode horses, drank wine, and ate steak by a campfire with some superb Texans. It was A BLAST. And for my first time on a horse, I think I did okay. I got a little nervous when my horse kicked another horse. Wouldn’t you?

8. Wear at least one piece of jewelry every damn day. I did make an effort, but I don’t know if it happened every day. Who cares. This was a dumb goal anyway.

9. Get a new tattoo. I did not get a new tattoo, but only because it’s not in the budget right now. Especially since we did Number 10.

10. See Lady Gaga in concert. Yes. And it was effin’ weird. And awesome.

11. Take a ride in the karaoke cab. Sad face.

12. Start planning a European vacation with my new husband. We kind of started talking about this, and we had an opportunity arise, but it’s just not in the budget this year. Alas.

13. Acquire some rainboots. No rainboots for me.

14. Acquire some cowboy boots. The guy that sold me my boots was VERY shocked I was not from Texas. (He was not shocked at all.)

15. Go to the drive-in. Nope.

16. Visit a new place in Texas. I counted Waxahachie, even though it’s not exactly what I had in mind.

17. Get Jason Kidd’s autograph. And maybe Dirk’s. Oh, Jason Kidd. You broke my little heart this year. And not just because I didn’t get your autograph before you abandoned me.

18. Smoke a cigar. This one is so easy. Why didn’t I do this? I could be having a cigar right now.

19. Go to the top of the Bank of America building (tallest building in Dallas). This was a dumb goal too. Are you even allowed to go to the top of that building?

20. Go to Marfa! (This is a separate trip from #16). It’s a big joke between me and David how long I have wanted to go to Marfa and how we haven’t been there yet. I’ve wanted to go since before I met him. I’ll put it on next year’s list…and every list after that until it happens.

21. See more art. Eh?

22. Make more art. Never enough.

23. Regularly blog projects/drawings/art. I tried to do this, but it was mostly through Instagram. I’ll count it.

24. Plant some bushes. Poor, sad little yard. It keeps the burglars away.

25. Reduce clutter. A little.

26. More figure drawing. No.

27. More physical activity. Yes.

28. More books, fewer magazines. Kind of, but not enough.

29. Teach a class. No.

30. Take a class. Yes.

31. Own my thirties. My thirties are here, and henceforth I own them.


Baby, You Were Born This Way.

10. See Lady Gaga in concert.


Photo credit: Teddizzle via Flickr. He had better seats than we did.

Before the concert on Tuesday, I told David I’d never been to an arena show and he reminded me that I’ve seen the Smashing Pumpkins three times (once at the United Center in Chicago, once in Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis, and once at The Backyard in Austin). That’s true, but seeing Lady Gaga is a totally different experience than seeing an alternative rock band. Both are theatrical, but Gaga takes those theatrics to an utterly absurd level, as you might expect.

Our seats sucked. Hands down. Nosebleed extreme. It’s tough, though…those tickets were hella expensive. We were lucky to be there. Lady Gaga DID thank us for spending our hard-earned money to come out and see her, but something tells me that hard-earned ticket cash paid for her Giant Stage Castle. But, even though the seats were in outer space, we still had a good time. David brought his nerdy binoculars.


It was also fun to see all the kids dressed up in their Gaga concert gear, which mostly translates into Nearly Nude with Platform Heels. Even more amusing than their get-up was seeing the get-up they conned their middle-aged MOTHERS into wearing. Good sports, those moms.

Gaga had an impressive performance. She changed outfits between (almost) every song, and they were crazy, alien-looking costumes. She sang all the good songs and mentioned “Dallas, Texas” a few too many times. Dancing happened. She dropped the F-bomb as much as I would. We had a ton of fun, and then I was really tired at work the next day.

“See Lady Gaga in concert.” Check.