33 Things To Do Before I Turn 32

This year I want to live more fully, wholly, simply. I went back through my past lists and I found some things that I didn’t do that I still want to do, so I added a few of those to the pile. Is that cheating? Heck no! It’s my blog and I do what I want!

1. Plant something. Make it survive.

2. Less Facebook, more face time.

3. Yoga.

4. Compost.

5. Master the hula hoop.

6. Go to the drive-in.

7. Learn to two-step.

8. Fiddle more.

9. Read some of the books I have acquired but not read.

10. Volunteer for something.

11. Make an apple pie.

12. Finish my website.

13. Get a new tattoo.

14. Take a ride in the karaoke cab.

15. Acquire rainboots.

16. Smoke a cigar.

17. Visit at least 1 art exhibit/gallery per quarter.

18. Fill up the empty sketchbooks in my box of sketchbooks (there are a lot!)

19. Figure drawing : specifically hands and feet. (Things most artists need to work on.)

20. Visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

21. Go camping.

22. Attend a coffee cupping class.

23. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

24. Bring lunch to work more often.

25. Be in nature more.

26. Dance more.

27. Find a hobby or past time to share with Kennedy.

28. Acquire some more vinyl for my new record player.

29. Try more of my collected recipes.

30. Get Kennedy and David to drink more water.

31. Befriend more people in Arlington.

32. Set up my studio space.

33. Work on making our new house lovely and a true expression of us.


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