23 Things I Didn’t Do.

This was not a productive year when you look back at my list. I kind of want to Ctrl+z this list. I guess you have years like that. Towards the end, our life just got too crazy to focus on anything but the immediate moment. But here’s the recap:

1. Visit Marfa, Texas. Dammit.   We finally did this! But you saw the pictures already. We’ll definitely go back, and I highly recommend it.

2. Attend a cooking class. I did not do this.

3. Visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.   I did not do this.

4. Stop eating so much crappy food. I need to work on this.

5. Learn how to handstitch leather.  AH! I did this!! I have yet to create anything interesting with my new skillz. I should probably make a wallet or something.

6. Go camping. I went glamping (See #1)? Can I count that? Fuck it. It counts!

7. Take a hula hoop fitness class. Did this, love it, doing it again. And I’ve been practicing

8. Take a belly dancing class. I did not do this, however I ordered the belly dancing videos that I have on VHS…on DVD.

9. Take more photos on overseas trips.

10. Draw every day.

11. Take an encaustic painting class.

12. Try a new restaurant every month.  I didn’t keep track of this really, but I’m pretty certain we were successful here.

13. Attend a coffee cupping class.

14. Make a friggin’ pie.

15. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

16. Read The Great Gatsby (again) before the movie release.

17. Play the violin more.

18. Visit the Kadampa Meditation Center in Arlington.

19. Start going to the Zen center again. I visited again twice, but I really struggle here because they are about to move their location to Richardson…which is sooo far away from us. I’m trying to find another group that is a little closer to home.

20. Write to somebody in power (i.e. a congressman) about something important to me.

21. Run a 5k

22. Make something to sell (leather or art).

23. Volunteer for something (an event or a cause).

24. Paint the bathroom…again. I didn’t have to do this…because we moved!

25. Get rid of excess. I’ve done quite a bit here, and continue to refine and simplify our lifestyle. It’s a journey.

26. Learn about more local music.

27. Go to the Grand Prairie Farmer’s Market. Unimpressive.

28. Create an installation piece.

29. Take an improv class.

30. Take a boxing class.

31. Meatless Mondays. I started out strong here, but then I lost momentum.

32. Be more generous. Always good to work on this, so it remains uncrossed.


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