Nothing, Nowhere.

1. Visit Marfa, Texas. Dammit.

In case you missed the outpouring of hipstery instagram shots, we finally visited Marfa, Texas. I’d been wanting to visit Marfa ever since I moved to Texas, and we finally did it! We planned the trip months ago, and it just so happened to land directly in the middle of an unfortunate family event that I would rather not discuss here. All you need to know is that being out in the middle of nowhere, where phone signals fade and the sky is so, so big, is exactly where I needed to be.

Marfa is so weird. So, so weird. This teeny little town with hipsters and hippies running around everywhere, and little design boutiques and art galleries and food trucks. And El Cosmico, where we stayed. We used the trip as an excuse to draw and write; as such we didn’t venture out too much but we managed to see the Prada installation and McDonald Observatory. (McDonald Observatory is on top of a mountain and has the 5th largest telescope in the world, so you can imagine the stargazing that happens there.) It was so quiet and lovely.

We’ll be returning, I’m pretty certain.

IMG_0299 IMG_0329 IMG_0374 IMG_0355 IMG_0275IMG_0311IMG_0314


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