Favorite Music of 2013

I didn’t listen to much music this year. I don’t know why. For some reason my intake was much lower than usual. Maybe I needed a palate cleanser year. Regardless, I had some favorites:

5. Pure Heroine, Lorde

There are so many mixed opinions about this girl, but I like this album. I read one article that compared Lorde to Nirvana. I wouldn’t go that far…not even close…but this was a welcome interruption to all the bling-bling in the pop world.

4. The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight…, Neko Case

Although I enjoyed this album, and I love me some Neko, this album was a little all over the place. She’s trying some new things, and I respect that.

3. Monomania, Deerhunter

With any new release, Deerhunter will always be on this list. Love them.

2. Modern Vampires of the City, Vampire Weekend

This album is solid. I would say this is the best Vampire Weekend album. They’ve evolved but stayed true to themselves. This band had the potential to have a short lived career because their sound can come off a little novelty. I am heartily impressed with Modern Vampires.

1. Fear Fun, Father John Misty

I am so in love with Father John Misty. His beardy goodness and that voice…YUM! We saw him at House of Blues a couple of months ago, and his album does not do the richness of his voice justice. He’s a total anti-consumerist culture hippie and his sense of humor kills me. Love love love.

Honorable Mentions

Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara – They are more popular than I’m about to imply, but these girls clearly know what they are doing and are vastly underrated. Their stuff is always great.

Mantangi, M.I.A. – Love this lady. I haven’t listened to this album in depth yet, but she is a serious bad-ass that always gets it done.



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